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About Us

Our Mission is simple.

To discuss News & Issues with the Public in order to improve Portland Maine.

Some comments may be deemed offensive or inappropriate to some users. If you find something offensive, you have to right to be offended and the obligation to defend yourself if you are so motivated.

All comments are moderated for violence, hate speech, off topic mentions of sex, url’s and other stuff normal people would consider spam just because we don’t want to deal with the headaches they come with.

We have decided to make replying very easy. Just read our articles, then login with your Facebook, Twitter, Google or WordPress username to reply when you want to voice your opinion.

If you are a local content producer, please contact us so your articles or rss news feed can be reposted here for the Portland Maine Public to enjoy and comment on. If you’re a blogger, click Trackback to give us our articles a shout out on your blog! Read More Here

This site is run by a small family in Portland Maine who emigrated from Lebanon in the early 1900’s and got by selling buttons on the waterfront out of a basket to the local families in Portland at the time. We still live in Portland and run this for the love of Portland.

We strive to benefit our community. Our members are all dedicated to this same goal. Our members all have different talents and strive to improve their community by lecturing, blogging, protesting for what’s right, holding fundraisers, mentoring children, helping each other ¬†and even feeding the homeless. Please Join Us! We are looking for Good People.

While 90% of the posts on this website are generated by our web spider and are regarding to Portland Maine. You will also see some topics pertaining to the whole State of Maine and even world views from time to time. If it affects the whole State or World, it definitely  affects Portland Maine so we would like to discuss those issues too.